Journal of Korean Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance

International Journal of Human Movement Science

ISSN : 1976-4391 (print)

ISSN : 2586-078X (online)

Vol.10 No.2

Current Issue
Sustainable Professional Sports Facilities

Jinhee Yoo

10(2) 5-23, 2016

Perceived Service Qualities and Spectator Satisfaction: A Case Study on Gender Differences

Ho Yeol Yu , Donghun Lee , Lawrence W. Judge

10(2) 25-39, 2016

A Review of How Physical Activity Education Policies in Higher Education Affect College Students’ Physical Activity Behavior and Motivation

Moosong Kim , Bradley J. Cardinal

10(2) 41-51, 2016

Effects of Regularly Forced Treadmill Running on Spatial Memory and EEG Change in Rats Performing a water Maze task

Kang Yong Song , Jeong Deok Ahn

10(2) 53-65, 2016

Examining the Effects of Involvement Profiles and Specialization on Loyalty to a Respective Tennis Club

Jung-hee Jung , Byung-yul Yoo , Kyung-joo Won , Se-hyuk Park

10(2) 67-81, 2016

Commentary on a Conceptual Model for the Role of Fundamental Motor Skills

Jihyun Lee , Seung Ho Chang , Kyungmo Han

10(2) 83-97, 2016

An Investigation of Factors on Catching Performance: A Constraints-Led Approach

Seung Ho Chang , Jongil Lim , Jihyun Lee , Kyungmo Han

10(2) 99-111, 2016